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200ml hair spray bottle
200ml 5OZ 3ml reusable hair baber water fine mist Trigger Water sprayer continuous spray bottle
Continuous Spray bottle
Home Hair Spray Bottle (6.7oz/200 ml) Continuous Ultra-Fine Plastic Sprayer For Hairstyling, Cleansing, Salon,Botanical
Luxury Essential Oil Roller Bottles
Luxury 15ml Syringe Bottle Cosmetic Serum Facial Essential Oil Skincare Packaging Custom 0.5OZ Eye Cream Dropper
air spray bottle
Mist spray bottle - 16oz & 32oz - Ideal for Home, Garden, and Hospital Use
garden sprayer
Trigger Sprayer | pot garden sprayer for irrigation flower watering Refillable
spray bottle
Transparent Empty Spray Bottles 5-200ml Plastic Cosmetic Bottle

plastic cosmetic bottles wholesale by Lelote

Lelote is a well-known name in the beauty cosmetic bottle industry. Since its establishment in 2015, Lelote has been dedicated to providing high-quality plastic pet bottles wholesale. Lelote has different kinds of bottles in its collection including Plastic Juice Dropper Bottle, Plastic Liquid Oil Bottle, Plastic Cosmetic Bottle, Glass Bottle, and Cream Jar. These products are appropriate for both personal and professional use.

Customized services

One of the best features of Lelote is its customization capabilities. Along with our cataloged products, we also offer customization services for our customers.

plastic cosmetic bottles wholesale team

Experienced team

Our R&D team is well experienced and understands the requirements of customers. We can fulfill all kinds of customer requirements with the help of our advanced technology and experienced R&D team. As a reliable plastic bottle manufacturer, we understand the need for customization and market demand. Aside from the bottle, we can customize design according to consumers' needs.
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Quality appearance

Talking about the product quality and looks, our exceptional manufacturing techniques, and innovative spirit we can provide unique designs to create a unique look and brand identity. We have our manufacturing factory where we are equipped with advanced machines. With the help of advanced technology, we can manufacture high-quality plastic cosmetic bottles wholesale.
plastic cosmetic bottles wholesale factory

High standard

Lelote is certified by many domestic and international organizations including UDEM, HUAXUN, and CNAS. All of our products are checked before sending them to the user. We have strict quality standards and each product has to pass the quality check. We follow fast manufacturing and delivery time.

Wholesale ordering

These plastic bottles are cost-effective compared to alternative materials. They are recyclable, which makes them have the minimum impact on the environment. These plastic and glass bottles are chemical resistant which means they won’t react to the substances.

To learn more about our plastic cosmetic bottles wholesale or to order our plastic pet bottles wholesale, please contact us at +86 18923868976 or Email us at sales@juicedropperbottle.com

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