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Clear 120ml Vape Juice Bottles Wholesale LB-090

Wholesale 120ml vape juice bottles in customizable colors. Durable PET with anti-theft caps for e-liquid, e-juice, and more. Safe, leak-proof, and environmentally friendly.



Model Number LB-090
Material PET
Color Bottle Various colors
Color Cap Various colors


Place of Origin China

  Product Introduction

Our 120ml vape juice bottles are made of durable PET with anti-theft caps. Available in various colors, these refillable unicorn bottles are perfect for e-liquid, e-juice, and smoking oil. Safe, leak-proof, and non-toxic.

  Product Attributes

Product Name Clear 120ml Vape Juice Bottles
Content Empty
Bottle Sizes 10ml,20ml,30ml,50ml,60ml,100ml,120ml
Industrial Use Consumer Electronics, Cosmetic, Liquid, Juice
Usage Various liquid such as e liquid, e juice, smoking oil and so on
Surface Handling Silkscreen printing, Hot stamp printing, Label sticker, Custom Color
Packaging Details Usually put into PE bag and then put into Carton, Customized packing is accepted.
Package Strong carton packing suitable for long-distance transport

  Product Images

  Transparent e-liquid bottle with various specifications available, customized color requires Pantone color number

empty vape bottles 120ml
vape juice bottle sizes

  Instructions for use of anti-theft cap

how to open vape juice bottle that won't open
Inner plug size

  Colored bottle cap: color can be customized

Anti-theft cover

  PET material is highly transparent, squeezed liquid can be water droplets, water column is smooth

120ml vape juice
unicorn bottle customization

  Lelote Product Customization

The process of the birth of a new product!

Step 1.Share us your usages, sales@juicedropperbottle.com

Step 2.Choose the Bottles size/capacity & shape

Step 3.Share your design ideas

Step 4.Choose the Bottles colors & Material

Step 5.Choose the printing methods

Step 6.Choose the cap style

Step 7.Choose the cap color & decorations

We will be your design,drawing,technology,procurement, production and other multi-functional integration personnel.

What matters is not What I have,But I can achieve what you want!

Plastic bottle customization

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