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25ml Perfume Glass Bottle Moon and Star Design, OEM Print, Pump Sprayer – Cosmetic Round Perfume Bottles

Experience enchanting elegance with our 25ml perfume glass bottle featuring a moon and star design, customizable OEM print, and convenient pump sprayer for a touch of luxury in cosmetic round perfume packaging.

Discover the allure of our 25ml perfume glass bottle, adorned with a captivating moon and star design. With the option for OEM printing and a convenient pump sprayer, these cosmetic round perfume bottles combine aesthetics and functionality to offer a captivating packaging solution.

Product Description

Product Name 25ml Perfume Glass Bottle Moon and Star Design
Surface Handling Silk screen Printing / Hot Stamping / Label Sticker / Frosted / Decal
Body Material Glass & Plastic
Color Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, color can be customized
Capacity 25ML
Product Usage Used in Preufume, Water, Eye Liquid, Pigment and other liquid packaging.

Perfume Bottle

Cosmetic bottle use

Other attributes

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Base Material:Glass
Body Material:Glass
Collar Material:plastic
Model Number:TB-062
Brand Name:lelote
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Body Material:Glass
Sealing Type:Screw Cap
Plastic Type:SCREW CAP
Cap:Childproof Tamper Proof Cap, Prefume Bottle
Surface Handling:Screen Printing
Cap Material:Plastic
Use:Perfume, Water
perfume bottle for pink
Perfume Bottles for multiple colour


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