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PET V3 clear Bottle

Versatile PET dropper bottles in multiple sizes, featuring safety caps, ideal for secure and precise storage of V3 liquid products.

Discover a range of versatile PET dropper bottles in sizes including 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 60ml, 70ml, 100ml, and 120ml, each equipped with safety caps for secure liquid storage. Perfect for V3 liquids and various applications.


1. Separate filling of oil filling bottles, sealed without side leakage, or corrosion resistance;
2. PET material, we use high-quality material to ensure the production of bottles with high fineness and smoothness, which can  be used with peace of mind;
3. A variety of capacities to meet different sub-packaging;
4. Varieties of styles, a variety of capacities, giving you a different experience;
5. Threaded bottle mouth, the lid is equipped with an anti-theft ring, with instructions for use;
6. 3 parts combination, used with the inner plug, the dosage can be controlled, easy to use, and tightly sealed.

Instructions for use:
1. Do not use hot water for cleaning or high-temperature sterilization when sub-bottling;
2. The marked capacity may be slightly different from the actual capacity. It must be based on self-testing. Different caps will also affect the capacity. Please be sure to confirm before purchasing.
3. Each bottle is in bulk in a carton, and the anti-theft cover is in bulk, not screwed together well, if you have special requirements, please contact customer service.
4. The caliber of the bottle is the outer diameter of the measuring bottle with the thread, and the caliber we mark is the international standard size.

Quick Detailes:

Item PET V3 liquid bottle 30ml
Surface Handling Silkscreen printing, Hot stamp printing, Label sticker
Optional Bottle Sizes 30ml squat, 30ml Thin
Color clear or as your demands
Feature Various of liquid such as e liquid, e juice, oil and so on
Package Strong carton packing suitable for long-distance transport

Details Images:

Unicorn Gorilla V3 Bottle


V3 Liquid Bottles all size


V3 Liquid Bottles to split


V3 Liquid Bottles with safety caps


V3 Liquid Bottles use intructions


Customize Bottle


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